(How do I get) Free photo retouching with PimpPoints ?

Give us your support! Invite your friends to join Pimpyou, and you’ll receive up to 30 precious PimpPoints. With our special points system, you’ll be able to get your photos retouched for free! Thanks to this service, you’ll be helping to spread the word about Pimpyou’s photo retouching service.

How can I collect points?

In order to be able to collect PimpPoints, you need to create an account with us. The PimpPoints will be automatically credited to your account, and you can check your PimpPoint balance in your account details!

How do I send invitations?

First possibility:
In your user account you’ll find a form to send out your invitations. Simply type your friend’s e-mail address, add a comment, and you’re well on your way to earning those precious PimpPoints.

free photo editing

For every invitation you send, you’ll get one PimpPoint which will be added to your account.

Second possibility:
You can also use your personel referer link. Just copy and paste this link in you comunity like facebook.

free photo editing

For all your friends which click on it and register on our site you get 5 PimpPoints.

How many friends can I invite?

You can send up to 30 invitations a day, which would get you 30 PimpPoints. If one of your friends signs up to the site, you’ll get an extra 5 PimpPoints per successful application.

What do I get for my Points?

BasicPimp (5 Euros) = 15 PimpPoints
ClassicPimp (12 Euros) = 30 PimpPoints

You can collect up to 30 points, which can then be used for one ClassicPimp or 2 BasicPimps. The PimpPoints do not have a monetary value.