Why offer you a service from 5 Euros ?

Perhaps we are planning to make the world better ? No, not really, its rather that we want the best for your photos.That is why we offer you this service as a real entertainment for us. Communicating is a true pleasure and we want, through this site, to offer you the possibility of benefiting from having your photos professionally retouched.

Free photo retouching thanks to PimpPoints ?

Support us, invite your friends to Pimpyou and win up to 30 precious PimpPoints. With our special points system, you have the possibilty of retouching your photos for free ! Thanks to this, you can help us to better get to know the photo retouching service of Pimpyou.
Comment envoyer mes invitations?

There are two possibilities:

1. You will find in your user account a form to send your invitiations. You only need to indicate the email address of your friend, write a small commentary and you will have already won precious PimpPoints.

Retouche photos gratuite

For each invitation sent, you will recieve a PimpPoint that will be credited to your account.

2. You can also use Facebook or your blog to invite friends. All you have to do is copy your personal invitation link that is in your account in >Win PimpPoints > Invite friends and copy the link onto your facebook page for example.

Retouche photos gratuite

When your friends click on this link and sign up with us, you will receive 5 PimpPoints per invitation. With only three friends you could already get one free retouched photo .
Combien d'amis puis-je inviter?
You can send up to 15 invitations per day and therefore collect 15 PimpPoints. If one of the friends you invite registers on the site, you will recieve 1 extra PimpPoint per confirmed registration.

Qu'est-ce-que je reçois avec mes points ?
BasicPimp = 15 PimpPoints
ClassicPimp = 30 PimpPoints

You can accumulate a maximum of 30 points that you will be able to use for a ClassicPimp or 2 BasicPimp. Points cannot be exchanged for money.

Comment puis-je cumuler des points ?
In order to be able to accumulate PimpPoints, you must first create an account. The PimpPoints will be automatically credited onto your account, and you will be able to see the deduction of your PimpPoints on your account ! This login a code that can be used by the new users during their registration on the site ! For each new user that regisers and indicates your personal code you recieve 5 PimpPoints credited to your account.

You resend the retouched images to an email address ?

Be careful as we send you the retouched images to the email address that you have given us. Please make sure that your inbox contains enough free space to recieve them !

Which resolution for your photos?

Please make sure that the resolution of your photos is not less than 1024 pixels and that the size of your photos is between 200 kb and 10 mb maximum.
The quality of your photo must be the best possible – with a resolution of at least 1024x768 px (no photos from mobile phones) and clean.

The file name

Pay attention to the naming of your files; if they have special characters or spaces, we cannot retouch them. To avoid this, you can just rename your photos.

Which format to use for your photos?

You can send us your photos in JPG, TIF or BMP. For the other formats, we will need to consider each one on an individual basis.

How long does retouching take?

The Basic Pimp photo retouch is free for all. A delay of 8 working days may however be necessary for the retouch. Normally it takes 5 days for a ClassicPimp and 2 days for the PremiumPimp.


Can you make commercial usage of your retouched photos ?

If you profit from the photos that we have retouched, we charge you a fee for the retouching. If this is of interest we can give you a quote.

For more information, send us an email to the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.