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Editing wedding pictures – we're ready for wedding season!

Temperatures are rising, and many couples decide to get married when the days are long and the evenings are warm. Wedding season will soon be upon us, and because PimpYou edits a lot of wedding pictures the next few months will be filles with a lot of editing work.

Photographers don't have to edit every single wedding photo themselves

We've been seeing this happen: a lot of photographers choose to outsource their photo editing at PimpYou to have us support them during wedding season. A photographer might take as many as 1000 pictures at a wedding – these won't all need to be edited, of course, but in the end there are still roughly 300 to 500 pictures that end up on the editing table. That's a lot of work.

wedding picture editing

We're working with more than 100 professional editors

One single wedding photographer might struggle to get all this work done when they've got a lot of weddings on their plates. That's why PimpYou offers an editing service for wedding photos. Concentrate on shooting wedding photos, we'll take care of the rest! 

retouching service weddingpictures

Types of wedding photo editing

There are 3 principal types of photo editing at PimpYou. Correcting the colouring as well as the contrast of wedding photos is the simplest way of editing wedding photos; value and contrast corrections at PimpYou will only cost you a few euros per image. More complicated edits such as a beauty retouch are still affordable with PimpYou, the price depends on how many pictures you need to be edited. We can also turn wedding photos into elaborate photomontages with our skilled team of professional photo editors.

Wedding photos taken by a hobby photographer?

A good wedding photographer can be really expensive, and when there are budget constraints it might just be too much money to spend. But no worries, there's a hobby photographer in most families, and they're up to the task! They often manage to take passable pictures, but they're not level with professional photographers. Our team can turn amateur photography into beautiful, professional wedding photos! Hobby photographers sometimes forget about that trash can or pole in the background, but don't fret: PimpYou can remove unwanted objects from your photos, make the colours brighter and the faces of the wedding couple even more radiant.



Photo Clipping path with different contours

How to clip product images with different kinds of contours 

Our team differentiates between easy to clip images and images with complex contours that are difficult to clip. For many online dealers, it's difficult or impossible to sort their images by complexity of the contours.

photo clipping difficult

We can sort images by compexity of the contours for you! Usually we put them in three different categories: 

Products with simple contours:
photo clipping easy
Products with average contours:
 photo clipping average contours

Products with complex contours:
photo clipping complex contours

Mixed selections of products and a fixed price for the clipping of your products

If you don't know which category your prodocts belong to, we can also calculate an average for you. This might be interesting for you if you have a great amount of images that need to be clipped: if you need 10,000 photos clipping path products it's probably not worth it to sort them by complexity. 

What do we mean by simple, average and complex contours?

Clipping simple contours:
easy clipping path
Simple contours
 can be clipped with a simple paths. There are no hairs, stray textiles or threads. Objects with a smooth surface can be clipped fairly easily. 

Clipping average contours:
middle complex clipping path
Average contours
 can be clipped with multiple clipping paths. The surface might be slightly uneven, as is the case for textiles, wood or other organic materials. 

Clipping complex contours:
very complex clipping path
Complex contours
 such as hair and transparent areas can only be clipped with difficulty. The surface is irregular: hair and clothes have complex contours, for example. 

Clipping photos of glasses with variable opacity

Variable opacity when clipping photos – how does it work?

It's easy: with PimpYou! PimpYou is a photo editing service that takes care of all your editing needs, from beauty retouching to clipping product images. We can also clip photos with variable opacities, such as glasses and sunglasses! It would definitely look odd if the white background stayed white behind the glasses, wouldn't it`? They're not too difficult to clip, but you need take the glasses into consideration when photo clipping mask of see-through materials! 
Before/After – mouseoverphoto clipping mask service

Have your glasses clipped by a professional

We can clip even glasses and other seethrough materials. Depending on the type of glasses – reading glasses, sunglasses or reflective glasses – we adapt the way we edit your pictures. Just tell us what it should look like in the end.

Our team of more than 100 photo editors have experience in every area. Just ask us for a quote for your image editing needs, we'll find the right editor for you!

Down memory lane: remembering your wedding

photo editing couple shooting

Weddings are a celebreation of love

Nowadays it's almost impossibe to imagine hosting a wedding without hiring a professional photographer– for good reason.  A wedding is a celebreation of the love of two people, the most romantic day of their lives together, so of course you'd want to make some memories that will last forever. wedding photo editors photoediting

From the wedding itself to the reception and the party, a wedding is a day-long affair, so the right equipment is necessary to get the best results. Working with the Canon EOS-models is a great way to take beautiful pictures.

retouching wedding pictures service

Photographing the couple and all of their guests, the wedding in the church or in the town hall, the recepteion, the celebration and a night full of fun, there are so many moments waiting to be captures. Having pictures to keep the memories alive forever is one of two sides to the story: with greeting card companies such as the German Karternmacherei, couples can send a symbol of their love even after their wedding is over.

wedding pictures retouching

Greeting cards are a great way of making the memories last

The same thing that can be said for wedding photography can also be said for thank you cards after the wedding: they're necessary. Sending out thank you notes after the wedding is a widespread tradition.

wedding pictures editors

But now wedding couples can add their own personal twist to the tradition, with greeting card companies such as the Kartenmacherei: instead of sending out generic thank you cards, customer can customize their cards and use their wedding photos to send their guests a reminder of what a wonderful time they had together. With the Kartenmacherei, you get to design your greeting cards yourself, even if you have no design experience at all!

retouch you wedding pictures with pimpyou

All of that in three easy steps. It starts out with a base pattern that can be customized: change the colours and shapes on your personal cards and add images, photos and wort art. Creating your very own thank you card won't take long, and you'll be supplied with envelopes and insert pages as well! Just go and give it a try, you won't regret it!

photoeditors wedding professionel

Wedding pictures for your photo album or your website

Wedding pictures serve as a reminder for the most beautiful day in the life of a couple

wedding picture editing

 It's a way to keep the memories of the wedding alive in the minds of the couple and all their guests. You can put them in a photo album or upload them online to share them with relatives and friends and even future generations.

retouching wedding pictures

Wedding photos are often taken by a professional photographer, but even pictures taken by amateurs an be turned into works of art. Take a look at our article about editing wedding photos here.

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