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World class photomontages with Pimpyou

Pimpyou is your preferred partner for retouching, but we can also support you with your more complicated projects. For the French startup (a play on meow, in case you missed the pun) our team worked on different photos to create clipped product images, photo montages and retouched product photos. Usually, you'd have to hire an expensive advertising agencies to get high quality results such as these.

Editing photos doesn't have to be expensive

Our team is the proof that high quality edits don't have to be unbearably expensive and that we can more than compete with our Parisian counterparts. The resulting image is the most important part of our work, and it doesn't always have to be super expensive. In our photomontage, we clipped the cat from another image and added it to the product photo, making sure that the lighting is realistic. 

Hover your cursor over the image to see what the image looked like before we got our hands on it! photomontage complex


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