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Clipping photos of glasses with variable opacity

Variable opacity when clipping photos – how does it work?

It's easy: with PimpYou! PimpYou is a photo editing service that takes care of all your editing needs, from beauty retouching to clipping product images. We can also clip photos with variable opacities, such as glasses and sunglasses! It would definitely look odd if the white background stayed white behind the glasses, wouldn't it`? They're not too difficult to clip, but you need take the glasses into consideration when photo clipping mask of see-through materials! 
Before/After – mouseoverphoto clipping mask service

Have your glasses clipped by a professional

We can clip even glasses and other seethrough materials. Depending on the type of glasses – reading glasses, sunglasses or reflective glasses – we adapt the way we edit your pictures. Just tell us what it should look like in the end.

Our team of more than 100 photo editors have experience in every area. Just ask us for a quote for your image editing needs, we'll find the right editor for you!

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