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NEW: plucked eyebrows to use as a pattern

Eyebrows are one of the center pieces of a face and give it appealing contours. They're decisive for how a face is perceived. A face can look fresh, dynamic and even younger because of a different eyebrow shape, but facial symmetry should always be kept in mind. The exebrow shape should also match the personality of the wearer. Right now, the trend for eyebrows is a natural look.
plucked eyebrows
after editing
plucked eyebrows photo editing
We can help you pluck your eyebrows digitally and offer an adaptation of your eyebrows to the natural symmetry of your face. Upload  your photo as a PremiumPimp and we will give your eyebrows a new shape. Send us an image where your eyebrows are clearly visible and tell us what you want them to look like. 

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