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Photo clipping Service flat rate prices, same price for all photos

Time and time again our customers ask us wether we can offer a flat rate on our photo clipping service. Yes, we can!

Our photo clipping flat rate

Our price depends on the number of images as well as the complexity of the contours that need to be clipped. Our photo clipping service is incredibly cheap: depending on what you need to be clipped, our service is between 0.39 and 1.49 €. IF you want to get our cheapest price, you should send us a bunch of pictures instead of just one single photo. There's no minimum order value, we'll do the job even if you want us to clip one single picture, but if you want the best price you should send us all of your images at once.

flatprice clipping photos

Clipping photos without pre-selecting images

That means less work for us and a cheaper price for you. If we don't have to pre-select images, we can get started clipping your images right away. Message us to get an individual offer for your photos now!


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