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Clipping different kinds of images, from basic to complex outlines

Clipping product images with different kinds of contours

Out team edits product images with all kinds of contours. The time they need to clip a photo depends on the complexity of the contours; for online retailers, it's often impossible to sort their products by contours because it demands a lot of time and effort.

photoclipping different complex conturs

We'll sort your pictures for you, no matter how many images you need clipped. We usually put product images in one of three categories.

Products with basic contours:
basic contours photoclipping
Products with average contours:
average contours photo clipping service

Products with complex contours:
complex contours photoclipping service

Mixed selections and flat rates for our photo clipping services

If it's not possible to assign all product images to one of these categories, we're also open to calculate a flat rate for our photo clipping service. You might be interested in this option if you have a lot of product images that need to be clipped, because it might just be way too much effort to sort 10.000 product images by category. 

Can you give more examples for basic, average and complex contours?

Clipping basic contours:
photoclipping basic outline
Basic contours
 can be clipped with one simple path. There are no fibres, textiles or hair, and smooth surfaces are especially simple to clip.

Clipping average contours:
average outline photoclipping
Average contours
 can be clipped using multiple clipping paths. Sometimes the surface is not smooth; it can consist of wood, fibres or other natural materials.

Clipping complex contours:
really complex outline for photo clipping
Complex contours
 such as hair and transparent areas can't be clipped with simple paths or masks. Hair is a good example for complex contours that are difficult to clip.

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