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Clipping single objects in a photo

Clipping objects is a technique used for photomontages. By clipping an image, objects in a photo can be removed from a background and added to another photo. It's not as simple as it sounds: to make it look realistic, the photo editor needs to consider the lighting of both photographs as well as potential shadows. 

Clipping images service

Clipping images with photo editing software

When editing photos with an image editing software, there's a multitude of possibilities to clip images. One technique is using the pencil, which is then used to draw around the contours of the chosen objects. By converting the editor's drawing into paths, the image can then be clipped. This method is very accurate but also very time-consuming.

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It's a lot faster and easier to use the lasso tool. The magnetic lasso automatically recognizes contours and makes it easy to convert them into a path. Clipping an image with the lasso tool is quick and effective. We offer professional photo editing photo clipping services. Ask us about our rates now.

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