Clipping images

Clipping photos, clipping images and clipping paths

Clipping single objects in a photo

Clipping objects is a technique used for photomontages. By clipping an image, objects in a photo can be removed from a background and added to another


Different types of image editing

Editing images with our BasicPimp

The BasicPimp is the – you got it! – most basic kind of image editing and consists of a professional correction of the


E-commerce 2017 – trends for online retailers

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, times are always a-changing. Even if you might not know it, PimpYou is closely entwined with e-commerce. PimpYou is more than a ...

How much does clipping images cost?

Our pricelist for clipping photos

In the past few years, PimpYou has specialized in clipping images. That's why we can offer you the best prices for clipped photos; we


Photo Clipping path with different contours

How to clip product images with different kinds of contours 

Our team differentiates between easy to clip images and images with complex contours that are difficult to clip. For


PimpYou: a success story

Good news for our customers

In the past few weeks, more and more customers have decided to put their trust in us and our photo clipping


Taking advantage of the Pokémon hype online

Who would've thought that Pokémon would land such a big hit again. Make use of the Pokémon hype while it's still going. (And yeah, we might be a bight late with this one, but it's


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