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Exposure compensation in photography

High key lighting retouch service

Most modern cameras can measure the light reflected by the object being photographed. To make the image appear darker or lighter, changing the setting for the Exposure Value, also known as EV, can help. There are lots of reason why photographers might want to work with exposure compensation, such as:

High key lighting

High-key lighting: When the  object being photographed is as light as the background, it is difficult for the automatic exposure correction to compensate for it. Correcting the exposure manually might be necessary. 

Low-key lighting: A dark object blurs into a dark background, so that the exposure has to be corrected. low key lighting photo editing service

Other effect, such as backlight, might also merit a manual correction. When working with backlight, the object appears darker when using automatic lighting. With digital editing, lighting can even be corrected after the photoshoot.

We can correct the exposure in your photographs.

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