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Editing images with our BasicPimp

The BasicPimp is the – you got it! – most basic kind of image editing and consists of a professional correction of the tonal values and of the colours. The photo can also be transformed into a black and white or sepia picture in the formats of your choice.

photo editing basic pimp

Editing images with our ClassicPimp

With our ClassicPimp, you get everything that's included in the BasicPimp plus a more elaborate retouch. Be it pimples, red blotches or other imperfections that you don't want in your photo, we can get rid of them. But there's more! We can also crop your image, sharpen it or mirror it vertically or horizontally.

Removing pimples from photographs

Editing images with our PremiumPimp

Our PremiumPimp includes everything, from montages over corrections to vectorisations, colorisations and soft masking, your wish is our command.

special photo editing


You can upload all the images that you want to be a part of your montage via our interface. 

Digital Retouching

Out PremiumPimp includes clipping photos, removing or replacing unwanted backgrounds and any and all kinds of beauty retouching.

Vectorisations and clipping paths service

Upon request we can send you your image files with the clipping paths intact, which means that the background can still be removed later by professional image editors. This service is especially interesting for agencies and photographers.


Tell us what you wish for: photo montages and colorisations

We want to make you happy. Tell us exactly what you expect from your photo montage, your colorisation or your whole order. That way we can meet your needs and fulfill your wishes. Our Premium Pimp includes: cosmetic retouches, photo montages, colorisations, colour corrections, vectorisations, beauty retouching ... 

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