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Red eyes in photographs

That picture of your friend is really nice - except they look like a demon from the depths of hell because their eyes are shining red. Don't worry, they're (probably) not, and your camera is definitely not possessed or broken. It's a natural effect that can even happen to professional photographers. The red-eye effect is caused by the light of the flash being reflected on the retina of your friend's eye. You can use preflash to avoid this effect or at least reduce it, but even if you've taken a really nice picture that suffers from thie effect you can still remove it via digital editing.

Digitally removing the red-eye effect

A lot of photographers use different kinds of software to get rid of red eyes in their photographs, and there's even a choice of free online tools that can helo you get rid of those creepy red eyes. Your friend might still look a bit odd though ... so where do red eyes actually come from? When taking pictures in the dark, the pupil of the human eye dilates. When using flash to take a picture, the light enters the eye through the pupil and is reflected on the retina in full force, because the pupil cannot be closed quickly enough. Thus, even when you remove the red eyes in your picture, the pupil will still look dilated. In combination with the light being reflected on the retina, people look truly demonic. We can remove red eyes from your photos and even make the pupils look smaller.

Choose our ClassicPimp to remove red eyes

If you choose our ClassicPimp, we'll automatically remove red eyes in your photos. If you're looking for a more extensive edit, choose our PremiumPimp. Sign up to start pimping your photos.


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