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Choose PremiumPimp to restore images to their former glory

We're an egency working with professional editors, and image restoration is a task they're very familiar with. Our PremiumPimp option is the right choice for anyone looking to restore their old photos t their former flory. Tell us what exactly we should restore and never fear losing your old photos again. For many people, it's unimaginable to lose the memories connected to those old photos that are being passed from generation to generation, but they lose some of their vibrancy with each passing decade. Gone is the family photo from fifty years ago, gone the childhood photo with grandma and grandpa ... or are they? We can restore your images.

Restoring damaged images

Thanks to digital image editing, old photos can be saved and restored. Digitalised images can be passed on to new generations, and we're even able to retouch them above and beyond a simple restoration. We've even had a request to retouch a beard so that our customer could properly compare his face to his grandfather's!

Repairing damage such as stains, scratches and mould

When we restore old photos, we remove dirt, stains, scratches and even mould. With some experience and the right tools we're even able to restore areas of the photos that are not fully visible anymore. By digitally retouching the photos, we can restore old photos and save them for the generations that come after us.

Sadly not every image can be perfectly restored

Not all images are created equal: blurry photos can't really be sharpened, and grainy pictures can't really be smoothed. It's almost always possible to improve even a grainy old photograph, but they won't be turned into perfect depictions of the moment they were meant to record. 

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