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What does retouching even mean?

The term 'retouching' makes most people think of photo editing. 'Retouching' comes from the French word 'retoucher' and can also be described as a correction or a touch-up. Photographers have been retouching their images ever since they started taking them. Back then, pictures were retouched by painting directly on the film with brushes: their retouching was analogue. Nowadays, images are retouched digitally on a computer. There are still different kinds of retouching, such as copy and brush retouching. Copy retouching takes other parts of the image and copies them. This method is used to eliminate dust, sratches and other nuisances. When retouching with a brush, parts of the image are covered up with colour, almost as if painting with a real brush.

Retouching photos is a vast field that can't really be explained that easily. It might be a complicated photomontage or a simple touch-up of someone's skin, when you're talking about retouching an image you could be talking about lots of different techniques and methods.

We retouch your images digitally.

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