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Colour spaces and colour space models

A colour space describes the number of colours represented on a photo, by a printer etc. To make that system a bit more tangible, colour space models exist. Colour space models are systems that represent the colours in a colour space on multiple axes. 

The most important colour spaces are: RGB colour space and CMYK colour space

The RGB colour space is also called an additive colour space because the basic colours red, green and blue add up to the colour white. Monitors and photo displays work with an RGB colour space. Contrary to the RGB colour space, the CMYK colour space is a subtractive colour model. Its complementary colours correspond to the RGB colour space.

The CMYK colour space is mostly used in print. Most inkjet printers use the CMYK colour model, of which many users are not aware. Digital images recorded on a memory card use the RGB colour space. Depending on what you want to use the images for, they might need to be converted to a different colour space. Because the colour spaces have different sizes (the RGB colour space is bigger than the CMYK colour space), it is necessary to proceed with caution,

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