Customers demand for photo clipping services is increasing

Clipping product photos – the first quarter of 2017

2017 has taken off with a head start! Our team has registered a steady growth of new customers, reaching an increase of 150 %! That’s a lot more than we expected, but it also shows that our photo clipping service offers great quality for a reasonable price. Get your free trial clipping path right now. 

Clipped photos starting for a single-digit rate

Our prices depend on the number of photos you need us to clip, but if you are looking for a regular photo clipping service for a large amount of images (around 10,000 photos per month), we can clip your photos for under 10 cents apiece!

free test clipping

Our team of professional photo editors offer photo clipping services for product images

Because of the increase in customers, PimpYou has been able to expand our team of photo editors! We now work with 120 professional image editors and are even able to hire up to 150 photo editors if need be. That way, we can clip up to 1200 images in 24 h without a hitch!

Why are you so successful with your photo clipping service?

High quality of clipped images

Above all else we deliver great work. Our clipped photos are of a very high quality. We’ll soon be publishing a comparison of the different levels of quality you can get when hiring image editors to clip your photos.

photo clipping service

Great customer relations management

Always being there for our customers is important to PimpYou. On workdays our team answers your queries within the hour; if problems or delays arise, we always give clear feedback.

photo clipping service

Quick quotations

We’re flexible in our communication, so we can prepare a quation in record time. On workdays we’ll send you your quote and a test of our skills within two hours!

Simple invoicing system

Every customer can create an account on We have an invoicing system that makes it easy for customers to check their quotes, invoices and payments and download them as PDFs. We also offer various payment methods for your convenience.

Simple clipping service invoicing system

Want to try our photo clipping services?

Contact us to get a quotation for the clipping of your photos!

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