Glasses: Clipping photos with transparent areas

Is it even possible to clip transparent areas?

It sure is! Pimpyou offers high end image editing as well as a professional photo clipping service. Some images need more attention to details than others, and photos with transparent areas are one such case. Glasses are a good example for this: similar to traditional product images, the contours have to be clipped, but the glasses also need to be clipped. It would look odd for them to just disappear though (especially when clipping images of sunglasses that’s just not an option).

glasses clipping service

Professional photo clipping service for your glasses

Glasses, windows and other transparent areas need to be edited to make them appear see-through. Different kinds of glasses will need different kinds of editing to make them look natural. Just shoot us a message to tell us what you’re looking for!

We’re working with more than 100 photo editors to help you make the most of your product images. If you’re looking for a professional photo clipping service, just message us for an individual offer!

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