Photo Clipping path with different contours

How to clip product images with different kinds of contours

Our team differentiates between easy to clip images and images with complex contours that are difficult to clip. For many online dealers, it’s difficult or impossible to sort their images by complexity of the contours.

photo clipping difficult

We can sort images by compexity of the contours for you! Usually we put them in three different categories:

Products with simple contours:
photo clipping easy
Products with average contours:
 photo clipping average contours

Products with complex contours:
photo clipping complex contours

Mixed selections of products and a fixed price for the clipping of your products

If you don’t know which category your prodocts belong to, we can also calculate an average for you. This might be interesting for you if you have a great amount of images that need to be clipped: if you need 10,000 photos clipping path products it’s probably not worth it to sort them by complexity.

What do we mean by simple, average and complex contours?

Clipping simple contours:
easy clipping path
Simple contours
 can be clipped with a simple paths. There are no hairs, stray textiles or threads. Objects with a smooth surface can be clipped fairly easily.

Clipping average contours:
middle complex clipping path
Average contours
 can be clipped with multiple clipping paths. The surface might be slightly uneven, as is the case for textiles, wood or other organic materials.

Clipping complex contours:
very complex clipping path
Complex contours
 such as hair and transparent areas can only be clipped with difficulty. The surface is irregular: hair and clothes have complex contours, for example.

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