Pimping product photos for startups with a small budget

You’re a startup in dire need of good product images? We know what it feels like to be struggling. PimpYou started out as a tiny startup in 2007, so we get it; it’s not easy to grow a business on a limited budget, so we want to support startups in getting off the ground by offering low-priced photo edits.

High quality product photos are indispensable!

Each click counts, and when your images aren’t up to the task you probably won’t be successful because people won’t be buying your products.
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That’s why it’s important to have an aesthetically pleasing product portfolio with high quality images. PimpYou is a photo editing service that can help you turn good images into amazing pictures. PimpYou specializes in clipping product images and photo editing and retouching.

Meyou Paris – a startup on its way to conquer the market thanks to our image edits

Once you’ve tried PimpYou you’ll never go back to another photo editing service. Right now we’Re working with a new French startup that we might as well call cat IKEA (except they’re not Swedish) – MeYou Paris

Their product portfolio means can profit from our work because their prospective clients are stylish, design-oriented people who like clean, beautiful product images.

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Product images need to be perfect. A lot of times there are lots of tiny aspects that need changing; we clean up product photos and turn them into an invitation to buy the product that’s being advertised. It’s not just aout the product, but also about the environment it’s presented in; would you want to buy something that’s being photographed in a cluttered, messy room? People want to be able to imagine the product in their own homes, and especially when they’re shopping for designer products the product image needs to reflect that. Don’t make them think twice about buying your product.

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