The invisible optimization of product images: using tags on images

using tags on images

Photo editing also means of tagging images

If you’re an online retailer or a photographer looking to get people to visit your website, you’ll have to get your pictures to the top of search results. To succeed in placing your images in Google or image databases, yoou’ll need to tag your photos.

We offer an efficient tagging service for images – even in great quantities

Google and a lot of image databases don’t actually see what’s depicted on the photo. Meta data and tags that are connected to the photo are the most important criterion for these databases.

Get your pictures on top of the image searches in databases

Most image databases use meta and Exif data. Use tags to make sure that your photos show up in image searches, and it will be more likely to pop up than an image without metadata.

Photos with meta and Exif data in Google

Google has been optimizing its algorithms, and images are a big part of that. Make sure your images are tagged so that your online shop will show up in the search results.

using tags on pictures

Nobody really knows how important tags are for Google, but we at PimpYou are convinced that Google also includes tags in its ranking, and that tags will probably become even more important as time goes on. In the years to come, non-optimized images will keep dropping in the rankings.

Apart from our photo editing services, we also offer an image tagging service for a fixed price per image. Message us to get more information on our rates!

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