Editing wedding pictures – we’re ready for wedding season!

Temperatures are rising, and many couples decide to get married when the days are long and the evenings are warm. Wedding season will soon be upon us, and because PimpYou edits a lot of wedding pictures the next few months will be filles with a lot of editing work.

Photographers don’t have to edit every single wedding photo themselves

We’ve been seeing this happen: a lot of photographers choose to outsource their photo editing at PimpYou to have us support them during wedding season. A photographer might take as many as 1000 pictures at a wedding – these won’t all need to be edited, of course, but in the end there are still roughly 300 to 500 pictures that end up on the editing table. That’s a lot of work.

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We’re working with more than 100 professional editors

One single wedding photographer might struggle to get all this work done when they’ve got a lot of weddings on their plates. That’s why PimpYou offers an editing service for wedding photos. Concentrate on shooting wedding photos, we’ll take care of the rest!

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Types of wedding photo editing

There are 3 principal types of photo editing at PimpYou. Correcting the colouring as well as the contrast of wedding photos is the simplest way of editing wedding photos; value and contrast corrections at PimpYou will only cost you a few euros per image. More complicated edits such as a beauty retouch are still affordable with PimpYou, the price depends on how many pictures you need to be edited. We can also turn wedding photos into elaborate photomontages with our skilled team of professional photo editors.

Wedding photos taken by a hobby photographer?

A good wedding photographer can be really expensive, and when there are budget constraints it might just be too much money to spend. But no worries, there’s a hobby photographer in most families, and they’re up to the task! They often manage to take passable pictures, but they’re not level with professional photographers. Our team can turn amateur photography into beautiful, professional wedding photos! Hobby photographers sometimes forget about that trash can or pole in the background, but don’t fret: PimpYou can remove unwanted objects from your photos, make the colours brighter and the faces of the wedding couple even more radiant.

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