Product pictures, clipped photos and product desriptions: unique content for web shops

Google and their ilk like it unique. That’s a fact, not only when it comes to copy, but also concerning product descriptions and product photos. We want to show online retailers how to get the best of their product descriptions and images.

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Take your product images yoursef

Don’t underestimate the percentage of traffic that your web shop can generate thanks to the image search. Online shops that have been set up to make the most out of this can get up to 70 percent of their traffic from image searches. If you use WordPress, chances are your shop will be well represented in Google’s image search. To make sure that your images show up on Google, you should start taking your product photos yourself instead of using the manufacturer’s images. Many online retailers use the same image over and over; that’s not unique content, and Google is not interested in displaying the same photo 50 or a 100 times.

Product images: unique content and meta data

By taking your product photos yourself, not only do you create unique content, you also strengthen your brand. Don’t forget to make sure that you filled in the meta data, the alt text and a logical file name to get a better ranking for your images.

Make your product photos shine by using PimpYou’s photo clipping service. You don’t have to take your photos in a studio; just make sure the lighting is adequate, we’ll take care of the rest.

photo clipping service

Product descriptions: creativity and keeping it relevant

A product description should be more than a bunch of keywords; your customers want to know what they’re in for. Write enticing copy that fits the product that your selling. Don’t shy away from hiring professional copywriters; they know what they’re doing.

Clipping product photos

We keep talking about clipping photos, but what does that actually mean? When clipping a product photo, the background is reoved so that the product can stand on its own. Clipping product images is still done manually; why so much work for something seemingly banal?

product clipping

It’s possible to hire a professional photographer to photograph your products, but thanks to digital photography, you can also take your prduct pictures yourself. Send them over to us to have them clipped and edited, for beautiful, professional product photos for an affordable price.

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