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Manual photo editing from PimpYou

We all know how well automatic filters work: we use them on Instagram or on Snapchat and are amazed by how well the work. And it does work pretty nicely for snapshots, but there are some pictures that just need a more detailed approach that’s not one size fits all.

The right edit for everyone

Our photo editing service can do more than just make your photos fit for Instagram; we’ll give them a complete makeover! Wedding pictures with a trash can or power lines in the background aren’t really wallpaper material. We can also get rid of annoying pimples or tired eyes on your LinkedIn picture. Our team of more than 100 editors is the perfect solution for a professional edit that’s usually reserved for advertising agencies and expensive photographers.

beauty photo retouch service

PimpYou offers 3 different kinds of photo edits

Choose between the BasicPimp, the ClassicPimp and the ultimate PremiumPimp! We’ll always edit your photos manually. Our photo editors can easily adapt based on the image and will always find just the right fit for what you expect. Our team at PimpYou has been editing photos for more than 10 years, which is why we can offer loads of experience for a high quality result.

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